To all our Lucky Goat family and friends…

After 6 years of making Lucky Goat our whole lives (and 8 years of raising and caring for our goats!), we’ve decided to CLOSE OUR FARM SHOP AND WEB STORE. We’ve loved it all beyond words… the farm, the goats (which we’ll be keeping!), the process, and especially all the great friends we’ve met along the way, many of whom we now consider part of our family!!

This has been a REALLY tough decision for us (as you can imagine)... but one that we feel we need to make. Dedicating every waking minute, doing it “old school,” never cutting corners or compromising (the only way we’d ever do it), takes a lot out of us! (I’m only 45 but some days it feels more like 95!)...and life is full of many great adventures!!!

We’re keeping our recipes, our brand, our original goats, and our enthusiasm for this business and what it means to all of us. You never know what the future will bring, and we're already hatching new adventures that will continue spreading good juju with Lucky Goat (we'll post updates to our Facebook page)… by now, you know how crazy we are! ...

The farm shop is now closed, but we will keep the website open while we still have products!

We want to thank you for all your support, love and encouragement over the years. WE are the ones who are truly LUCKY!!!!.... MAHALO and keep spreading the good juju!!!!…

xoxo amy and the goats

  • Farm fresh - Alice in the barn
  • Handmade with Love - Amy making soap
  • Decadently Moisturizing - Wild Thistle on the curing rack
  • Full of good juju - Nantucket soap in jar